about myz

myz is my childhood nickname from my brother. It comes from summer days playing on the beach being bitten by march flies. My brother started calling me march flies which was soon shortened to flies and then morphed into myz.

myz started as an idea while searching for hats for my own children. I wanted quality hats that only used natural fibres, were non kiddy, unisex and were functional.  I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I took over our kitchen table in Richmond, Victoria and set about creating the myz hats you see on the site today.

Having worked as a patternmaker for the past 10 years I knew I could get the pattern just right - but let's just say the work it would take was grossly underestimated! Approximately 20 samples later (I am a perfectionist) I was finally happy with the look and fit of my two designs. Trust me when I say there has been plenty of love, sweat and tears over the design and fit of my hats!

There is no compromise on quality, with each aspect of the design and materials carefully thought through.  I create hats in full expectation that they will be passed onto siblings or friends.  Gender neutral colours are a hallmark, although some dusty pinks have somehow snuck into the range! I am starting to become obsessed with pink on boys so who knows what's around the corner!

With sustainability a focus for myz, I use cotton and linen across the range. These natural fibres are breathable, stylish and will keep your kids comfortable in any weather.  They are also biodegradable.

Sun protection is provided to the ears and face and the hats are fully adjustable with studs at the back. The neck strap keeps the hat on your child's head without being restrictive or tight - no more loosing hats in the park!