RESTOCK  will be tonight at 8pm!!!


There is currently up to a 1 week turnaround on orders. Anything that is ready prior to that will be sent straight out!  Feel free to send me a Instagram message or email: gemma@myzthelabel.com.au

My amazing machinist and I are literally working around the clock to make and post these masks out.  Each mask variation requires a different coloured thread so its quicker for her and I to make for example, all the dusty pinks at once, then all the blacks, then all the burgundy, etc.  Rather than changing the thread on the machine for every order.

These masks are made out of incredible fabrics and are all handmade!

SIZING: The masks are a one size fits most. There are so many different head shapes and sizes out there is is very hard to get the perfect elastic measurement to fit absolutely everyone. The masks have little loops of elastic stitched down on the back - If you require extra length simply unpick or snip the threads to release more elastic. Do one side, try the mask and if more length is needed do the same to the other side. Send me a message or email if you need clarification!

Please note, due to COVID19 no returns can be accepted.

Stay safe everyone xx