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TEENAGER size masks - these are the same size of the adults however they have shorter elastic to fit those petite faces. Elastic can be lengthened by unpicking little loops of elastic on the back.

These three layer TEENS masks are made out of incredible fabrics and are all handmade in Australia to the highest standard.    My hope is that by offering re-usable high quality masks with natural fibres I can make my customers feel as good as possible when wearing a mask while avoiding the waste and environmental impact of disposables / cheap alternatives.   We will all be needing a few masks for quite some time - for the supermarket, for work, for public transport - and I'm confident the extra up front cost will be worth it for the vast majority of customers.

SIZING: The masks are a one size fits most adults. There are so many different head shapes and sizes out there is is very hard to get the perfect elastic measurement to fit absolutely everyone. The masks have little loops of elastic stitched down on the back - If you require extra length simply unpick or snip the threads to release more elastic. Do one side, try the mask and if more length is needed do the same to the other side. Send me a message or email if you need clarification!

Please note, due to COVID19 no returns can be accepted.

All stock is up to date online and ready to ship! 

Feel free to send me a Instagram message or email: gemma@myzthelabel.com.au with any questions.  Stay safe everyone X